What kind of car should we get?

If you are fun loving, adventurous and interested in activities like exploring secluded beaches, visiting the observatories on Mauna Kea or trekking the backcountry near Volcano, you really should consider renting a 4 -wheel drive vehicle during your stay. By doing so, you can save a lot of hiking and get to explore some really amazing places that are away from the beaten path. If your plans are to visit remote state beach parks or ranches with unpaved driveways, we recommend an SUV or another high clearance vehicle. Doing so will get you to most places and allow you to deal with speed bumps and semi-paved areas in comfort. Jeeps and SUVs are also a great choice to navigate up Old Tobacco Road to our guest house.

As for staying with us, we are located at the end of a one-mile, one lane, semi-paved farm road. Old Tobacco Road winds up from the highway and is bumpy in several spots. Our road is not dangerous to drive; it just requires a little patience as the typical speed is approximately 8-10 MPH. This kind of road is not unusual for rural South Kona and we even get UPS and FED-EX deliveries to our front door. Over the years we have seen a mix of guest vehicles ranging from large SUV's to convertible sports cars, and all have successfully traveled up and down our road. We do, however, suggest that our guests rent a higher clearance vehicle; 4-wheel drive is not necessary to navigate Old Tobacco Road. Choosing the right car ultimately depends on the personality of each individual driver; some guests think our road is fun and adventurous, some think it is a non-issue, while others are a little wide-eyed when they first arrive but quickly become accustomed to the drive.

Old Tobacco Road

Old Tobacco Road